It’s been a few weeks now since I got my standup desk. I can confidently say that the desk is the best thing I’ve purchased this year. I highly recommend anybody who spends a large majority of their working hours at a desk to pick one up if they can. The largest value of the desk is in the health benefits that it offers. Standing up instead of sitting makes the body feel better and builds fitness.

The first week of having the desk was a major adjustment period. I struggled with some discomfort in my shoulders and neck as my body adjusted to the standing posture. The soreness was likely due to the new muscles being used when typing while in the standing position. This brief and minor discomfort was worth it. By the second week of using the desk I could easily stand for 5+ hours over the course of the working day and then be able to follow it up with any exercise in the evening.

As far as my sit to stand ratio, I’m still using the original one hour up, a half hour down. The 2:1 ratio feels like an effective break down. Initially, the practice felt ambitious, and I considered cutting back. In the end I stuck it out and I’m glad I did. By keeping the body so active throughout the day, I get a decent workout in regardless of if I do a formal workout or not.

One benefit that I’ve experienced but hadn’t predicted is that it makes the day go by quicker. Maybe it’s due to the novelty, maybe it’s because the frequent position changes, whatever it is, the hours seem to pass by easier. At the end of a sitting period I find myself looking forward to standing up. At the end of a standing period I’m looking forward to sitting back down. These are minor joys are a welcome feeling throughout the day.

So that’s my experience so far. I couldn’t recommend a standup desk more for any worker spending the majority of their working hours seated. Right now I feel like the desk is absolutely something I don’t want to work without having. The health benefits from adding activity and minimizing rest periods are too great not to take advantage of. The fact that being able to get up and down throughout the day makes the days go by easier is an absolute bonus.