It’s official, I’m making an idea tracking web application. The site will eventually be found at the following URL: There’s nothing there now, but there will be soon. I’ve also created the GitHub repo for it.

The app will serve as a repository for my daily ideas. I want it to be online with a React frontend (possibly an app too, using React Native) and .NET Core web API on the backend. This application has a lot of potential but I’ll definitely have to start small. I’ll eventually work up to the grand ambitions as the need arises or as I want to develop a feature for the fun/challenge of doing it. I’m excited about this application and I can’t wait to start putting the pieces together.

In the spirit of the Idealistz application, I made my list of ideas today about the features that I want to the application to have.

Idealistz Functionality Ideas

  1. Creation of an idea list. An idea list is what I do each day. I create an idea list about a subject. Start with this. If this functionality is developed the project will be a success in my book. My itch will have been scratched.
  2. Ability to mark ideas as favorites.
  3. Voting system for individual ideas and idealistz overall.
  4. Fork another users idea list subject so others could work with the same medium.
  5. Collaborative lists that can be shared across multiple users.
  6. Change log tracking. Any time an item is modified the previous version gets logged and can be retrieved.
  7. Ability to mark an idea list as public or private.
  8. Dashboard page with users whose ideas you follow.
  9. Request another user to complete a idea list on a subject.
  10. Import ideas from text.
  11. Import an idea into your calendar of choice to work on it.
  12. Commenting system.
  13. Follow other idea lists (name for the users).