Fourth of July week is in now in the books. This year was special because the Fourth occurred on a Thursday so it was the perfect chance to get a four-day weekend in. I took full advantage of how the calendar fell and spent a lot of time away from the computer. I hope everyone stateside got to have a good time and anyone who wanted to got to see a good fireworks display.

I finished up my read through of the latest edition of C# in Depth. It’s an amazing resource. Anyone who uses C#, outside of maybe the language designers, will be able to learn something, likely a lot, from this book. Since the book is not geared to beginners, it can get down to the gory details of how C# and .NET work. My favorite section is the book’s coverage of the Async implementation. It’s a deep dive but shines light on how async/await works in the language. Another standout feature is the commentary on why certain language features exist along with the places where the features come in handy. Reading the book is like having a discussion with a friend who knows much, much more than you about the programming language.


Online Course(s): Understanding ASP.NET Core Security, Data Visualization: Best Practices

Book(s): C# in Depth


Online Course(s): Entity Framework in the Enterprise

Book(s): Get Programming with F#: A Guide for .NET Developers, The Master and Margarita

On the Next…

I have no official plans right now for the week ahead. I’ll probably finish a book, a course, and publish a update here on the site. Hopefully it’s a good and productive week.