I finished up Dependency Injection Principles, Practices, and Patterns this week. It’s a great software development book, one I’m sure I’ll come back to many times. The chapters I read this week covered Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP) and DI Containers. The section on AOP, guidelines for applying cross-cutting concerns, is phenomenal. AOP is covered through the lens of the SOLID principles and is full of strategies for how to write more maintainable code. The deep dive on DI Containers is also great. One of the key benefits of using a DI Container is that auto-registration makes it dead simple to maintain your application’s composition root, but DI Containers are more sophisticated than Pure DI. Due to the sophistication of DI Containers, they’re easier to apply wrongly. There’s an overview of three popular .NET core DI Containers: Autofac, Simple Injector, and Microsoft.Extensions.DependencyInjection. The book covers dependency injection, coding best practices, an assortment of design patterns, and so much more. I’d recommend it to any intermediate developer looking to step up their game.

On the course side of Dev-eryday, I glanced through Docker Images and Containers for ASP.NET Core. The Docker container technology is something I’ve played with a little bit before, but I haven’t gained any expertise in it. I enjoyed the course, but it’s not so relevant to my needs right now. The content that covered Visual Studio’s built in support for Docker was the most interesting material for me. I didn’t know that Visual Studio made it so easy as adding Docker to your project in order to get it to create a Docker image and run it there in development. It’s impressive seeing the app running in Docker debugged directly from Visual Studio.


Online Course(s): Docker Images and Containers for ASP.NET Core

Book(s): Dependency Injection Principles, Practices, and Patterns


Online Course(s): Creating and Configuring New Websites in IIS

Book(s): Get Programming with F#: A Guide for .NET Developers, Trillion Dollar Coach: The Leadership Playbook of Silicon Valley’s Bill Campbell

On the Next…

I’m excited for the week ahead. For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been thinking about a new project I’m going to start working on. The project is a long running experiment related to investing, technology, writing, and possibly more. I don’t know if it will have a wide appeal, but I’m planning to get it launched by the end of May. If everything goes well, the project will run for five year and will create a cool story. I’m going to work on putting together the initial pieces for the project this week.