This week was the last full week of the year. No matter what the year holds, the end always seems to come quicker than I expect it to. 2018 has been a great year and it seems like we barely got to know it. Oh well, time never stops. To wrap up the year, I spent the last two weeks on vacation and have got in a lot of relaxation. It’s been a nice break, but I’m ready to start up 2019.

On the course front I was able to slip in a couple of quick courses on Pluralsight, Razor Pages in ASP.NET Core: Getting Started and C# Interfaces. The content on Razor Pages was new for me and the Interface course was a nice refresher using C# interfaces. I’d recommend each course. Razor Pages are interesting and remind me a little bit of ASP.NET Web Forms. It’s less complex than MVC and I like how it can be used right there within an MVC project if you have the need for it. For reading, I completed What I Wish I Knew When I Was 20. Though I’m now older than 20, it was a fun holiday read with some great advice on risk taking and failing. My major takeaway from the book was that if you aren’t failing regularly, you aren’t taking enough risks. I need to get out there and fail more, the perfect message for heading into the new year.


Online Course(s): Razor Pages in ASP.NET Core: Getting Started, C# Interfaces

Book(s): What I Wish I Knew When I Was 20


Online Course(s): Dependency Injection On-Ramp

Book(s): The Brothers Karamazov: A Novel in Four Parts

On the Next…

So here were, 2019 begins this week. I’m going to hit the ground running. The last few days I’ve been trying to plan out the year to come and I’m excited for what’s in store for the new year. There’s lots to read and learn, but there is also a ton of stuff I want to create, share, and build. In addition to building on past success, I’m going to take on new challenges, seek smart risks, and live each day. Needless to say, I’m looking forward to having a healthy, productive, and fun 2019. If everything goes as planned, it’ll be my best year yet. I hope it’s prosperous and enjoyable for you as well.