Here we are, the end of 2017. Dev-eryday is now officially a year old. It’s been a good year. I watched a ton of Pluralsight videos, finished the React Nanodegree, read almost a book a week, and a great deal more. Dev-eryday forced me to work hard at getting better each day of 2017. The experiment has delivered on that aim. It’s worked so well in fact, that I’m going to continue the march forward in 2018. Thank you to anyone who tracked my journey this year and Happy New Year!

The Five Languages in Five Weeks challenge moved continued this week. I finished my week with Go. Go was fun to spend some time with and was a major step in a different direction than the previous two weeks that featured Elixir and Haskell. I will probably pick Go back up at some point, but it isn’t something I’ll be prioritizing in 2018. After my time with Go concluded, I started learning Swift.


Pluralsight Course(s): Go Fundamentals, Object-Oriented Programming with Go, Play by Play: Software Development in Swift - Beyond iOS

Book(s): Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind


Pluralsight Course(s): Securing ASP.NET Core with OAuth2 and OpenID Connect, Swift 3 Fundamentals

Book(s): Smalltalk Best Practice Patterns, The Go Programming Language

On the Next…

I’m going to complete the Five Languages in Five Weeks challenge on Thursday. The challenge has probably been the most fulfilling challenge I’ve completed in 2017. Spending a week learning a programming language isn’t super effective in and of itself, but the meta process of learning programming languages is a major skill, one I’ll need throughout my entire career. I feel that if the challenge has helped me in any way, it’s in building up this meta skill. I’m excited to take this knowledge and grow even more moving forward.