I’ve now got a full year check in streak on GitHub. It all started back last September when I started building SimpleHealthTracking. Once SimpleHealthTracking was live, I started doing Dev-eryday and that has carried the streak further than I ever imagined it’d go. Lately I’ve been getting a lot of check ins from the React Nanodegree program. The streak has ben an amazing chance to commit a daily practice. The streak pushes me to keep at it day in, day out. Some days are more productive than others, but as long as there is a little progress each day the process is working.

This week I completed the the Advanced Defensive Programming Techniques course. The course was great. The key to defensive code is to design it away. Through design we can ensure that objects will always be valid. On the React front, the React Native portion of the React Nanodegree went live. I’m leisurely working my way through it and currently a couple of sections in.


Pluralsight Course(s): Advanced Defensive Programming Techniques


Course(s): React Nanodegree

Pluralsight Course(s): Implementing and Securing an API with ASP.NET Core, Securing ASP.NET Core with OAuth2 and OpenID Connect,

Book(s): Smalltalk Best Practice Patterns, Tao of Seneca: Volume 2

On the Next…

I will continue forward with the React Native portion of the React Nanodegree this week. I’d like to finish course material if at all possible. It’s awesome how React skills can be taken from the web and directly onto mobile devices. Learn once, write anywhere is a definite advantage. I’m interested in digging in further to determine how well React Native compares to building apps with a tool like Xamarin, and also what it lacks versus standard native apps.