I’m going to try to start writing weekly summaries to capture what I did each week. These will help to review my progress and help in course correcting cases when progress isn’t happening as quickly as it should be.

I’ve made it throught the first two weeks of the Machine Learning course on Coursera. I also finished a couple of courses on PluralSight. It was a productive week of learning. From starting to learn MatLab/Octave (for ML) to being blown away by the complexity of a modern JavaScript development environment (JS dev env class), I’m building some cool skills and improving each day.

This next week will be filled with more course taking, reading, and writing code. I should have a few new posts up here throughout the week.


PluralSight Course: Building a JavaScript Development Environment, Introduction to the Bash Shell on MacOS and Linux


MOOC Course: Machine Learning

PluralSight Course(s): C# Language Internals - Part 1, Building Applications with React and Redux in ES6

Books: Tools of Titans, The Charisma Myth